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Become a Supplier

At Atmos Energy, suppliers make a large contribution to our overall success so that we can continue to remain highly competitive in an ever-changing environment. The process consists of four steps:

  1. Register online by completing the supplier registration form, below.
  2. Registration information is then directed to the appropriate team within Atmos Energy based on the goods or services offered.
  3. As needs arise for products and services, approved suppliers will be considered for our sourcing projects. (Please note that by completing the supplier registration process, no supplier is assured that they will be awarded business nor is it an approval of a particular product or service. The registration process allows us to identify potential suppliers that may meet future business needs.)

Supplier Registration

Supplier registration is a point of entry for current and potential suppliers for online identification, document submittal and access to business critical information. Upon completion of supplier registration, your information will be added to Atmos Energy's supplier database. This database is available to all sourcing personnel of Atmos Energy.

Entry into Atmos Energy's supplier database is not an assurance that your company will be awarded business or an endorsement/approval of a particular product; however it does allow Atmos Energy to identify potential suppliers that may meet future business operation needs.

During the registration process, suppliers are expected to submit W9 and Self-Certification Documents. Diverse suppliers are expected to submit certifications from federal, state and municipal agencies as well as national business councils or regional affiliates. For assistance with the supplier registration process, please contact Atmos Energy at smallbusiness@atmosenergy.com.

Click here to complete Supplier Profile.

Minimum Requirements to Become a Supplier:

All companies awarded business by Atmos Energy must, at a minimum, meet the following requirements:

  • Registration on our website
  • Certificates of Insurance (general liability, auto and worker's comp as required per product or service sought)
  • Provide references upon request
  • Federal Taxpayer ID
  • Some services may require additional OQ certifications
  • NAICS Code

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