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Colorado Energy Efficiency Programs

Atmos Energy sponsors these energy efficiency programs for our customers in Colorado.


Save Money and Energy with Excess is Out
Atmos Energy has partnered with other gas utilities in Colorado to provide rebates on high-efficiency appliances and low-cost energy audits for residential and business customers.

Visit http://excessisout.com/

Help for Low Income Customers

For information on programs available to income-qualified customers, call 1-866-HEAT-HELP or visit http://www.energyoutreach.org.

Custom Energy-Efficiency Program

This custom program offers incentives for energy-efficient upgrades for qualified Atmos Energy customers in Colorado, including multifamily, large commercial and industrial, single-family homes larger than 6,000 square feet, and customers with unique equipment needs or applications. Existing building retrofits and new construction are eligible. Transportation and irrigation gas customers are NOT eligible.

To begin, please read the Instructions and Guidelines for Colorado's 2015 Custom Energy-Efficiency Program.

Below are the forms for Colorado’s 2015 Custom Energy-Efficiency Program.

This program is available January 1 - December 31, 2015 or until funding is fully allocated.

Contact Atmos Energy's Program Administrator at 303-517-7829 or custom@mesapointenergy.com with any questions