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Now Is the Time to Prepare for Cold Weather

Atmos Energy is here to help you stay warm and save energy this winter. Here you will find free tools and information to help manage your energy use. And helpful tips if you need to turn on your natural gas service.

Turn on Natural Gas Service
Call 1-888-286-6700 or request new service online in the Account Center.

Don't wait! Call today before cold weather arrives to avoid long wait times on the phone and the possibility of several days without heat or hot water. When you call to connect service, Atmos Energy will schedule an appointment with you at your home so a trained technician can perform checks and safely activate your gas service.

Need Help Paying Your Gas Bill?
Energy assistance programs can help eligible customers pay their home heating costs. Click here to find an assistance agency near you or call 211.

Manage Your Energy Use
Learn how to save energy, lower your utility bills and discover your home's impact on the environment with our convenient energy management tools.

Energy Snapshot creates an energy-use report for your home.
Appliance Calculator estimates annual operating cost for many home appliances.
Energy Library provides detailed research on many energy topics and equipment.
Comparison Tool compares annual energy use and operating costs for new and existing heating and water heating equipment.
Energy Saving Tips for your home.