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Atmos Energy's Yard Rescue 2017

Enter to win an $811 yard makeover! 

Did you know April is National Safe Digging month?  Before you start your next project, make sure you call 811 to have underground utility lines marked. It's the law!

Contest Information

  • Contest dates: April 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017
  • Take a photo of your backyard that needs a makeover
  • Fill out this form and attach the photo
  • Nine of our customers will be randomly selected to win a $811 gift card to a local home improvement store
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National Safe Digging Month 

The most common cause of outside natural gas leaks is digging or construction that disturbs natural gas pipelines. To keep your property safe, don’t allow anyone to dig or drill on your property unless the locations of all buried pipelines and cables have first been marked.

"The greatest risk to underground natural gas pipelines is accidental damage during digging.  Sometimes even a homeowner with a small shovel does the harm. At other times, it’s construction  equipment, such as a backhoe."    - John McDill, VP of Pipeline Safety

An easy—and free—way to get this done is to call 811 at least three days before you want to dig. You’ll reach an 811 call center, which will coordinate with us, the electric company and other utilities to mark all the utility-owned underground pipes and cables.