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Corporate Responsibility

Supporting Strong Governance

Strong governance is core to accomplishing our vision. From our Board of Directors to our employees, we expect everyone to take responsibility for doing what is right for all our stakeholders. That means conducting business ethically, instilling accountability in our employees, and working with business partners who share our high standards and principles.

In addition to our Code of Conduct, our Board has adopted several policies and guidelines to support good conduct and governance:

  • Our Corporate Governance Guidelines assist the Board in exercising its responsibilities to the Company and our shareholders by providing a framework under which the Board may conduct business.
  • Our Insider Trading Prevention Program governs the purchase or sale of Company securities by our directors and employees, especially when any material, nonpublic information relating to the Company may be in the possession of any director or employee.
  • Our Political Activities Policy provides guidelines on our Company lobbying and political spending activities, as well as engagement by our employees in the overall political process.
  • Our Risk Compliance Committee has oversight over our safety practices and cybersecurity.
  • Our shareholders vote on executive compensation every year at our annual shareholders’ meeting.


With a commitment to being the safest provider of natural gas, we are doing our part to replace the nation’s aging natural gas delivery network. Over the last ten years, we have invested approximately $9 billion to modernize our pipeline infrastructure, which is more than three times our profits during that time. 

2017 Safety Strategy Presentation