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Maintaining a Healthy Home in 2022

January 10, 2022

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on a variety of healthy habits, such as letting go of sugary treats, committing to a new exercise routine, or pledging to drink more water.  All of which are admirable goals, but have you ever considered resolutions focused on the health of your home?   

When the weather gets colder, appliances like your furnace, water heater, and fireplace tend to use more natural gas.  Using energy wisely and making a few simple household changes can produce a big difference in how much you spend on natural gas and other energy bills. Plus, you will lower your home's carbon emissions when you use less energy.  

Take these steps to reduce energy usage now: 

  • Lower your thermostat to 68 degrees during the day and 58 degrees when you are away from home.  
  • Lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. Water heating accounts for as much as 25 percent of the energy consumed in your home.   
  • Unplug electronic devices and turn off lights that are not in use.   
  • Reduce your shower time and take baths only when necessary. Showering and bathing can account for 40 percent of your home's hot water use.   
  • Let in the sun’s warmth on sunny days by opening draperies and blinds; close them at night to insulate against cold air from outside. 
  • Operate your clothes washer, dryer, and dishwasher only when fully loaded.  
  • Change or clean heating and air conditioning filters at least once a quarter. Depending on your filter size and to manufacturer specifications, your equipment will consume less energy if it “breathes” more easily.  
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning. Leaving the damper open is like keeping a window wide open – warm air goes right up the chimney!    
  • If you have a pool, do not use the pool heater. Instead, run your pool pump during the coldest part of the day to circulate the water and prevent freezing.   

If you are considering appliance upgradesAtmos Energy offers rebates for high-efficiency natural gas appliances, energy-saving devices, and weatherization enhancements for customers in Colorado, Mississippi, and in the north, central, and east Texas areas. Visit Energy Star's Heating and Cooling webpage to find a certified Energy Star appliance to help you save energy and keep your home’s carbon emissions low, and visit to find out what rebates are available in your area.  

At Atmos Energy, we believe in fueling hope and growth for the communities we serve.  As the new year begins, we offer these easy household tips to lessen your stress while keeping you and your family safe, warm, and comfortable.  

For home safety tips, please visit, and for more energy-saving tips visit