Understanding Your Bill...
You may obtain more information on our tariff and rates by calling our Customer Support Center at the number printed on the front of this bill. The following information explains items that may appear on your bill, depending on your type of service and local regulatory requirements.

Budget Billing Amount
If you're a budget billing customer, your bill will show the amount to be paid this month, as well as the actual account balance.

Commodity Charge / Cost / Gas Charge
This charge reflects the cost for natural gas used during the current billing period, before taxes and other charges.

Pressure Factor
Gas volumes can vary depending on elevation, local atmospheric pressure, or the need for increased delivery pressure. The Pressure Factor converts the metered gas volume to the actual gas volume delivered.

Estimated Bills
All usage is actual unless otherwise shown. If we do not physically read your meter in a given month, we will estimate volume based on your average gas use. It will be shown as "ESTIMATED USAGE" on your bill, and any necessary adjustments will be made after the next actual meter reading.

Customer Charge/Facility Charge/Base Rate
This portion of your gas service charge is a fixed amount each month and is not affected by the amount of gas you use.

Additional amount billed, if applicable.

Franchise Fee (or Rider FF)
This fee, if applicable, is charged by your city or county for the use of alleys, streets, and right-of-ways for gas lines to provide your service. The fee is base on the amount of each customer's bill.

TAX (or Rider TAX)
Collection of other taxes imposed by a governmental authority. In Texas only, the term “Rider Tax” includes the collection of the Texas State Gross Receipts Tax.

Meter Multiplier
The Meter Multiplier converts the metered Unit of Measure to the standard billing Unit of Measure, where applicable.

Prorated Bill
If applicable, we will adjust, or prorate, the facility charge/customer charge on bills with more or less than the standard days of service.

Colorado Only
DSR Costs: Cost of service to maintain natural gas distribution system. Current Upstream Cost: Cost paid to interstate pipelines to deliver natural gas. Deferred Gas Cost: Same as PGA / GCA but does not vary monthly. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission reviews and approves any changes. The usage in CCF stated on your bill is equal to the actual meter reading accumulation and can be calculated by subtracting the current month's meter reading from the previous month's meter reading, and multiply that amount by the pressure factor to find your current month's gas usage. Gas Demand Side Management Adjustment ("G-DSMCA") is designed to promote energy efficiency practices and recover incurred costs of DSM Programs in accordance with Public Utilities Commission rules. The G-DSMCA Factor shall be separately calculated and applied to the Company's rate schedules for residential and commercial customers.

Payment By Check
When you send us a check as a payment, you authorize us to clear your check electronically. If you usually get your checks or images of checks back with your statement, you will no longer receive these back.

Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA)/Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA)
This measure reflects market increases and decreases in the price we pay for gas supplies without markup or other charges. It may vary monthly and is based on the amount of natural gas you use.

Pipe Replacement Program
This is an annually adjusted fee for upgrading the utility infrastructure.

School Fee (Kentucky Only)
This fee is levied by local school boards; it may not exceed 3 percent of gross utility receipts.

Rate Code
This identifies the rate schedule used to calculate the amount of your bill, based on the type of service you receive, as approved by your state’s public utility commission.

WNA Amount
If applicable, this Weather Normalization Amount adjusts for variations above and below normal temperatures.

Usage Explanation
CCF - Hundred Cubic Feet
MCF - Thousand Cubic Feet
MMCF - Million Cubic Feet
Therm - Heat Unit Equal to 100,000 BTU's
BTU - British Thermal Units

Special Services...
You may sign up for these services at atmosenergy.com, learn more about services at our web site or by calling the toll-free number on the front of this bill.
Electronic Billing Plan
You can receive your monthly bill electronically as an e-mail, and bill payments are made automatically each month from your financial institution. Sign up for our E-Bill Program online at www.atmosenergy.com.

Budget Billing Plan
By signing up for our budget billing plan, you can spread out your gas utility payments over the entire year, smoothing out seasonal highs and lows. This plan also uses a “Ievelized process” to adjust for monthly changes in gas consumption and gas costs.
Payment Options

Automatic payment plan:
Allows you to authorize the automatic transfer of funds directly from your financial institution to pay your Atmos Energy bill each month.

By computer:
Residential and Commercial customers can make a one-time check payment or sign up to make recurring check payments. Residential customers can also pay with a Visa or MasterCard credit card with no additional fee either one-time or join recurring payment program.
By telephone:
Payments can be made by check or credit card by calling the toll-free number on the front of this bill.

At a payment center:
A network of payment centers has been set up to process payments for customers who prefer to make payments in person. Be sure to take the entire bill with you to the payment center to ensure your payment can be accurately posted to your account. Some vendors may charge a fee.

By mail:
Please mail your payment in time to arrive by the past due date.


EFFECTIVE DATE: ____________________________

Voluntary Community Energy Assistance Program
You can help others in need to pay their monthly gas bill by donating to your community's energy assistance program.

All donations are distributed to a local or area non-profit energy assistance agency(s) that serves your community. Visit atmosenergy.com for information on which agency(s) received your donation.

Please indicate the contribution amount below to be billed monthly on your Atmos Energy statement.

Thank you for sharing the warmth with those in need in your community.




   One Time Contribution