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Atmos Energy Employee and Wife Serving Overseas

Atmos Energy Employee and Wife Serving Overseas

March 26, 2019

Many couples share activities they have a common interest in. In the case of one Mississippi Division employee, both he and his wife have an interest in serving their country.

Staff Sgt. Parisus Applewhite and his wife, Virginia, are in the U.S. Army stationed in the Middle East. She was recently
promoted to Sgt. First Class.

“I am kind of important over here but Virginia is now super important,” Parisus said, smiling. She is stationed in Qatar and Parisus is in Kuwait, where he handles postal duties for the U.S. Army. He travels to Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to ensure Army post offices are operating under USPS guidelines and other priorities.

One of the challenges is the weather. Currently, the temperature is a manageable 65 degrees. In about three months, the high will be around 120 with 15-to-20 mph winds.

“Scorching,” he said. “Fortunately, I work in the Joint Mail Military Terminal, where all the mail from the States comes in. The building is air conditioned.”

Applewhite is a service technician who works in Jackson, Miss. Before coming to Atmos Energy in 2017, he was a fulltime student at Mississippi State. He is currently a junior pursuing his bachelor’s degree in political science. In his off hours overseas, Applewhite takes online courses. He is expected to return to the U.S. in September.

“I greatly appreciate Atmos Energy,” he said. “This wonderful company has been so supportive during my deployment.”

Two other employees are also currently serving in the military. Field Support Analyst Jamie Cerda is in the Army and stationed in Kuwait. Michael Harper is with the Air National Guard and recently returned to Murfreesboro, Tenn., where he is a service technician.