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Over the Top for Charity

Atmos Energy Employee Goes "Over the Top" for Charity

November 1, 2018

Atmos Energy sponsored Marketing Development Specialist Nathan Morrow with a $1,000 donation to Family Support Services (FSS) of Amarillo. The contribution allowed him to rappel down the 12-story Santa Fe Building in downtown Amarillo on Aug. 11.

Throughout the day, 40 others descended the building, earning FSS more than $60,000 in total donations.

FSS serves about 25,000 people a year who are victims of sexual assault, family violence and human trafficking.

The organization also provides counseling to individuals, families, veterans and surviving spouses.

Morrow is an FSS board member and no stranger to rappelling. Before joining Atmos Energy, he lived on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship in Hawaii, where he sold island excursions to tourists. One of the land activities was rappelling from the tops of cliffs and tall trees. Morrow served as an instructor.

“I have rappelled a lot but this one in Amarillo kind of scared me,” he said.

“In Hawaii, I was looking down at water or grass. This time I was looking down at cars and concrete. Everything turned out great, though, and I am thankful to Atmos Energy for allowing me to help FSS continue to do good things in the Amarillo community.”