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Customers paying their bill on a laptop in their kitchen

Atmos Energy Offers Program for Consistent Yearlong Gas Bills

December 4, 2017

Everyone tries to stay as warm as possible after winter weather hits. When temperatures go down, natural gas bills typically go up. Customers can stay ahead of higher bills with the help of Atmos Energy’s budget billing. Through this program, natural gas bills will level out throughout the year, making managing household budgets in the winter a little easier.

Budget billing is a free program that calculates your monthly bill based on a rolling 12-month average of billing history, excluding any miscellaneous fees such as service orders.  It is not a discount program, but it can help families and customers of all income levels. By reducing the impact of seasonal usage changes, monthly payments are more consistent.

Customers can sign up for budget billing online through the Atmos Energy Account Center – or call Atmos Energy at 1.888.286.6700. Learn more about how to conserve energy and lower monthly bills by clicking here