Gas Supply, Marketing tour 920-acre waste management facility | Atmos Energy
Gas Supply, Marketing tour 920-acre waste management facility

Gas Supply, Marketing tour 920-acre waste management facility

July 23, 2019

Since 2010, the River Birch waste management facility near New Orleans has been capturing emissions from 4,500 tons of daily garbage and processing it into renewable natural gas. The gas is injected into Atmos Energy’s intrastate pipeline and enters the company’s distribution system.

River Birch is currently upgrading its gas processing operations to increase production. Individuals from Gas Supply and Marketing recently toured the stateof-the-art facility. “Atmos Energy views its relationship with River Birch and similar facilities as a way to embrace renewable energy by reducing the amount of conventionallyproduced natural gas purchased for our customers,” Marketing Vice President Rob Leivo said.

The 920-acre facility produces an average of 4,500 Mcf per day, the equivalent of displacing more than 45,500 gallons of gasoline daily. More than $40 million has been invested by River Birch to create a system where over 400 wells flow gas into onsite units to process the emissions into pipelinequality natural gas. Atmos Energy has worked with River Birch on gas quality specifications to ensure their gas safely enters the distribution system.

River Birch is pursuing expansion and increased efficiencies in its existing facilities as well, expanding by connecting to the nearby Jefferson Parish landfill. An additional $20 million will be invested at the facility over the next two years to facilitate future growth.

“We have a long history of bringing this gas into Atmos Energy’s system, and look forward to working with the facility on its expansion,” says Gas Supply Risk Director Shawn Audibert. “Once the expansion is complete, River Birch will be the largest pipeline-quality gasproducing landfill in the country and will produce renewable natural gas for the next 35 years.”