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Natural Gas Safety and Play for All

Natural Gas Safety and Play for All

November 30, 2017

Gophers can make new friends at the park, too! Atmos Energy’s Gus the Gopher recently made an appearance at the grand reopening of the Play for All Abilities Park in Round Rock, Texas. 

Atmos Energy has a building at the new park that includes gas safety messaging to teach park attendees about staying safe around natural gas. There is also a display of a gas meter and an underground natural gas line so that visitors can understand how natural gas is distributed to their home.

The grand reopening of the park was highly anticipated, as it is a staple in the Central Texas community. It now hosts play spaces that have more than doubled in size, allowing more room for children of all abilities to play together without limitations.

For more information about how Atmos Energy supports community programs and facilities, visit our community involvement page here