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Nonprofit Spotlight: Florence Crittenton Services

April 1, 2020

Teen mothers and their children are among the most vulnerable to lifelong poverty, and for 125 years, Florence Crittenton Services has been breaking cycles of poverty by empowering Colorado women and their children. 

Florence Crittenton Services originated with the 1893 opening of the Florence Crittenton Home in Denver. In its infancy, the organization provided shelter and healthcare assistance to young women who were pregnant and without family or spousal support. Gradually, the services evolved to include educational support, job training and public assistance programs such as shelter, food stamps, legal help and medical treatment. Today, Florence Crittenton Services (FloCrit) is a full service family resource center that helps teen families break the cycle of poverty through education, health and wellness, and economic and social asset building. 

Atmos Energy began its partnership with FloCrit in 2018 by supporting their annual Holiday Giving Project.  Colorado team members provided FloCrit young moms a new outfit and a new toy for their child, a pack of diapers, and a $25 gift card to the store of mom’s choosing.   

“In Denver we are a ‘small but mighty’ office of approximately 20 employees who manage teams throughout Colorado and Kansas,” said Jennifer Altieri, Atmos Energy vice president of public affairs and FloCrit Board Member. “Given our size we were searching for a charitable organization where our contributions could truly make a difference. After touring FloCrit’s campus and meeting their ‘small but mighty’ leadership team, we knew this was an organization where we could effectively drive positive change in the community by helping to empower teen mothers and their children.” 

More than 2,700 teen births occur in Colorado every year, and FloCrit served 204 teen mothers, 191 children, 33 young fathers and 129 extended family members in 2019.  Atmos Energy’s partnership has evolved to support a variety of programs that enhance FloCrit’s mission to break the cycle of poverty, including: 

  • Baby Bucks Store: New diapers, wipes, clothing and toys that FloCrit teen moms may “purchase” through earned credits acquired by good school attendance, and Community, Potential, Respect and Responsibility (CPR2) tickets that are distributed to students who demonstrate these FloCrit campus values. Gently used donated toys and clothes are also available at no cost.  

  • Donated furniture to FloCrit campus. 

  • Miles for Mom: Annual run/walk event where participants may fundraise as individuals and create fundraising teams in support of FloCrit teen mothers and their children.  

  • Volunteer Day: Atmos Energy Colorado team members helped organize the Baby Bucks Store and diaper room, assemble bookshelves, and sand, stain, and finish picnic tables. 

“FloCrit is very fortunate to have begun this partnership with Atmos Energy back in 2018. We appreciated the can-do attitude the volunteers arrived with their first time volunteering with us and have carried with them each time they come to the campus,” said Suzanne Banning, Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado president and CEO. “Over the years, this partnership has grown. Atmos Energy Vice President of Public Affairs Jennifer Altieri joined our board and Atmos Energy is a sponsor of what was to be our 2020 Spring fundraiser. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we had to cancel that event, and we knew that we would take a financial hit. Well, the Atmos Energy team was proactive in letting us know that they wanted their sponsorship dollars to help us with our greatest current need. We are so grateful, as this will allow us to continue to provide valuable resources to our teen families while the Florence Crittenton campus is closed.  Once again, it shows that Atmos Energy is truly a community asset.” 

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