One Click Payment is an example of innovation and superior customer service | Atmos Energy
One Click Payment is an example of innovation and superior customer service

One Click Payment is an example of innovation and superior customer service

Customer Service
September 17, 2019

One Click Payment was recently introduced to customers throughout the eight states served by Atmos Energy. Customers can now submit their monthly payment with a simple click of their smartphone. The concept was developed in 2018 as a result of meetings with four different customer focus groups, to discuss customer service concepts around appointments, web site usage and ways to make bill paying more convenient.

“People told us they were looking for easier ways to pay their bill,” says Customer Revenue Management Director Thomas Gilbert, who co-sponsored the project along with Customer Contact Center Director Edwin Leland, Process Analyst Kimber McKinnon and Senior Process Analyst Joanna Ruff. “These sessions were the culmination of how to provide customers with the easiest possible payment options, and the idea of One Click Payment was formed.”

Production requirements were then ironed out by members of the Customer Contact Centers, Revenue Management and CSS Support. A two-month design phase was headed up by IT members Bill Rodriguez and Rajani Adapa. Peter Lin was primary developer for the web portion of the project.

“Once a customer selects a default payment method, they push a button on their e-bill: Pay Now with One Click Payment,” Rodriguez says. “This takes the individual to a confirmation page to quickly review payment information and submit the payment. All of this can be done without logging into the Account Center.”

One Click Payment has only been available for about two months, and already three percent of customers use some of its functionality. More than 700 customers a day are setting up a default payment method. One Click Payment is one of many customer payment alternatives, including mailing a monthly check, automatic bank deduction, recurring credit card payments and logging into the Account Center.

“The Customer Service Organization’s vision is to provide a seamless experience for each customer,” Gilbert said. “Our goal is to continue to discover ways to engage the customer and provide them with payment options that meet their needs. Our next phase includes the development of One Click Payment by text. This will enable functionality so that the customer can reply to the text to make a payment."