Staying Connected: Maria Rendon | Atmos Energy

Staying Connected: Maria Rendon

June 30, 2020

An electrical fire back in early February destroyed Rendon’s residence. Three weeks later, she moved into a different house. Rendon’s co-workers organized two fundraisers to help get her back on her feet.

Just like at the call center, I work eight hours a day taking care of customer calls. In addition to our regular calls, I learned the coronavirus scripting. Dealing with the pandemic with our customers has been challenging but rewarding. The most challenging calls are where the customers don’t understand why we are not able to light their appliances if they are not infected with the virus. Once I explain the situation, most understand and realize this is a necessary protocol.

I am a single parent with four kids. While I work, my oldest, Miah, 13, helps her brothers Santiago, 8, and Salvadore, 7, with their homework. Miah manages to keep my youngest, Sophia, 3, entertained. She is a handful. Teammates Che’t Baggett, Elva Cruz and Dolores Krantz organized a silent auction at the Elks Club in Amarillo on Feb. 28, which raised more than $3,000. Dolores also sponsored GoFundMe on Facebook, which brought in an additional $850.

These fundraisers have provided gift cards, clothes, shoes and toys for my kiddos, and dishes, furniture and appliances for our new house. So many people came together to provide donations. I am still receiving items. Someone will call and say, ‘I have a bed’ or ‘I have a dresser.’ I had so much support from my Atmos Energy family. Ben Brister, Jamey Brewer, Misty Nall and many other co-workers, and of course, IT, for getting me successfully set up so I could work remotely from home. I appreciate their kindness and patience. I am so thankful for this amazing company.