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Three Celebrate a Century of Service

Three Celebrate Century of Service

February 19, 2018

Three employees with more than a century of service between them recently retired. The longest-tenured, Senior MIC Technician Gary Jobe, began his career in 1972 in Midland, Texas.

“I was 18 and had been working with horses on a ranch,” he said. “I drove by the Pioneer Natural Gas office one day and went in to see if there were any openings. I was wearing a cowboy hat, dirty pants tucked into my boots and spurts. I was hired as a welder’s helper making $400 a month. In my eyes, I was rich.”        

Operations Supervisor Andrew Calvit began in 1975 as a meter reader in Natchez, Mississippi. In all his years of service, Calvit only missed seven days of work: one when his father died, three when he lost his wife and three when he tore his ACL. He was only late once: five minutes, it turns out, because believe it or not, he got stuck in Natchez (population 15,000) traffic.

“I believe in taking pride in what you do; dedicate yourself to your job,” he says. “I see everybody alike. Rich or poor, you are a customer who has to pay a gas bill. Why treat anybody different? Be fair.”           

Operations Manager Orrden Williams started as a meter reader in Greenville, Mississippi, in 1979.

“I enjoyed working for Mississippi Valley Gas, and we didn’t know it could get better than that. After Atmos Energy acquired us in 2002, it got even better,” he said. "I have been telling our younger employees: if you are willing to work hard and go the extra mile for excellent customer service, the opportunities to develop your career are outstanding.”   

Each of these employees has truly gone the extra mile throughout their years of service to their communities and our company.