Waco completes cast iron pipe replacement | Atmos Energy
Waco cast iron replacement

Waco completes cast iron pipe replacement

November 14, 2017

Atmos Energy employees at the Waco Service Center are celebrating being cast iron free. In the last six years, the Waco Region replaced about 38 miles of cast iron pipe in 11 different towns and cities. Atmos Energy is modernizing its natural gas distribution lines to make its already safe system even safer.

Many underground natural gas pipes were installed several decades ago, when the region’s population was much smaller. Some of the old pipe in Waco was installed in the 1920s. The new pipe is more durable polyethylene pipe that will serve our current and future customers safely.

The new gas lines require less maintenance and meet all current safety requirements. The advanced polyethylene pipe is durable but flexible, so shifts in the ground don’t affect it. It is also impervious to corrosion and other problems of metal pipes.

During a celebratory luncheon, Senior Field Construction Coordinator Doug Smith unveiled a cast iron sculpture of Texas he created from a section of discarded pipe.