Landy Warren rallies hay-hauling volunteers to help the fire-damaged Texas Panhandle | Atmos Energy
Jason Finn, Landy Warren and Jacob Balusek

Landy Warren rallies hay-hauling volunteers to help the fire-damaged Texas Panhandle

May 8, 2017

Construction Operator Landy Warren was born and raised on cattle ranches in Louisiana and Texas. Continuing the tradition today in Round Rock, where he is a construction operator, he works after hours on a local ranch. That background recently paid off, after fires in the Texas Panhandle burned 500,000 acres, killing four people and thousands of livestock.

Soon after, Warren began organizing a massive hayhauling operation.

“I know the hurt it puts on people financially when a disaster like this hits,” he said.

To that end, he called ranching friends throughout Texas and coordinated the delivery of thousands of 800-to-1,600- pound bales of hay to Texas Panhandle ranches. Warren was one of the haulers who made the 10-hour drive from Central Texas.

“I have friends throughout Texas who work in the cattle industry,” he said.

“They were willing to haul from wherever they live. At first, we dropped off the hay at points in Pampa and Canadian, Texas. When I ran into a Texas Livestock Association member who had a list of ranches, I changed my goal from drop-off points to going straight to the ranches. We are now keeping track of how much hay each ranch has received and how much they need. Every time someone hauls to a ranch, they ask if a neighbor needs hay.”

Helping out were Landy’s co-workers, Construction Operator Jason Finn and Senior Construction Operator Jacob Balusek, whose mother-in-law placed a post on her community Facebook page asking for donations.

“The manager of Allen Boots in Round Rock read the post and donated 20 large boxes of clothes and boots,” says Balusek, who keeps horses on the 10 acres he owns in Georgetown.

“In mid-March, I hauled about 16 800-pound bales of hay to Pampa. In my back seat were the 20 boxes, which I dropped off at the AgriLife extension office in Pampa.”

In addition to transporting hay and clothing, Warren and others have overseen donations of fencing material and organized volunteers to help rebuild burned fencing.