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Natural Gas Safety in Severe Weather

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Atmos Energy urges residents affected by recent storms to take steps that help ensure their personal safety. Atmos Energy has brought in additional crews to continuously work in tornado damaged areas surveying, repairing and replacing natural gas infrastructure while restoring natural gas service as quickly and safely as possible.  Please observe these safety reminders to keep you, your family and neighbors safe.

Beware of Utility Scams 

  • Ask for identification:  Atmos Energy has trained technicians in the area. If you are approached, please ask to see the technician’s badge which displays name, photograph, and Atmos Energy logo. 

  • Beware of impostors demanding payment at your door. Our employees will not collect cash payments in person.   
  • Under no circumstances would Atmos Energy employees or technicians request keys to your home.  

  • If you suspect an impostor, call our customer service number at 888-286-6700 immediately to verify the employee's identify and contact local authorities.

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  • An Atmos Energy technician will need to enter each home to reestablish service. A resident 18 years of age or older will need to be present. If you are not home, we will leave a door tag with instructions on how to contact us to restore service. Once service is available, a technician will perform safety checks to determine next steps. 

  • If your house passes safety checks, our technicians will restore your natural gas service. 

  • If your home does not pass the safety checks, you will need to contact a plumber to make repairs. After your gas piping and appliances pass the safety checks and you receive a city inspection, your natural gas service will be restored.   

  • For questions, please call Atmos Energy’s customer service number at 888-286-6700.

Beyond the meter, the customer is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing any lines and appliances, as it is their private property. In the same way electricians must make repairs to your electrical wiring and plumbers must repair water leaks, Atmos Energy does not maintain or service the gas lines from the gas meter into your home or to your natural gas appliances. If a customer-owned gas line fails a safety test, Atmos Energy technicians will disconnect gas service at the home and will ask the customer to contact a licensed plumber to make the repairs. Atmos Energy recommends all customers have their appliances and gas lines inspected periodically and repaired as needed. 

Customer Owned Line Graphic

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High winds and debris can cause significant roof damage that could bend or pull apart vent caps and pipes. Please contact a licensed plumber or heating contractor to have gas vents and piping inspected and to ensure proper ventilation of natural gas equipment. Proper ventilation of gas burning appliances allows combustion gases to escape to the outside. 

  • Properties deemed uninhabitable by the local fire department will have current balances waived, including monthly customer charges and reconnection fees.  

  • Affected properties deemed habitable will receive a six-month grace period to pay past balances. 

  • Any billing holds for customers affected by the tornado will be lifted once natural gas service is restored.   

  • If needed, payment installment plans are available for customers after gas service is restored.   

  • Atmos Energy continues to investigate each emergency call and has dispatched extra crews to survey the area, using the best available monitoring methods for safety – including advanced mobile detection technology that is 1,000 times more sensitive than traditional technology.  

  • Customers and residents will see our employees and contractors conducting foot patrols in storm-damaged areas, as well as advanced mobile leak detection technology mounted on top of Atmos Energy-branded vehicles 

  • We are also using helicopters to perform aerial surveys of our system.  

Make sure the area around your natural gas meter is clear of trash or debris, so cleanup crews can easily see and avoid striking any natural gas facilities.

Natural gas distribution pipelines are mostly underground but can be damaged by uprooted trees and shifted foundations. After the storm, call 811 to have the location of underground utility lines marked, as gas lines could become tangled. 

Additionally, call 811 to have your underground utility lines located before removing large tree limbs or deep-rooted tree stumps,

City of Dallas customers - Rebates for natural gas appliances are offered to those affected by the tornado. Please click here for information. 

Non-Dallas customers - For rebate information, please click here.

If you are struggling to pay your natural gas bill, Atmos Energy's Sharing the Warmth program can help pay natural gas bills for eligible customers. These funds are distributed to local community action agencies. In order to receive assistance through Sharing the Warmth, applicants must be an Atmos Energy customer and be the named person or full-time resident on the gas account.   

To find a community action agency near you, click here.