APT Leadership

Atmos Pipeline-Texas, Corporate Office 5420 LBJ Freeway Dallas, Texas 75240

Jeff Martinez, President, Atmos Pipeline-Texas

Laura Gillham, Vice President, Finance

Marlan Jarzombek, Vice President, Storage and Compression

Travis CooperVice President, Pipeline Operations

Troy Paige, Vice President, Technical Services

Power Generation Transportation Services

Contact our Power Generation Transportation Services team for contract and transportation rates for power generation customers.

Joe Berry, Director, Business Development & Electric Generation 214.206.2511 (work), 713.503.3020 (work mobile),  joe.berry@atmosenergy.com

Jeff Smirin, Manager, Electric Generation Marketing 214.206.2509 (work), 214.415.2327 (work mobile), jeff.smirin@atmosenergy.com

Business Development

Contact our Business Development team for:

  • Wellhead, pipeline, or processing plant interconnects
  • Gas quality specifications

Joe Berry, Director, Business Development and Electric Generation 214.206.2511 (work), 713.503.3020 (work mobile), joe.berry@atmosenergy.com

Jay Stadler, Pipeline Business Development Manager 214.206.2507 (work), 469.261.0850 (work mobile), jay.stadler@atmosenergy.com

Drew Johnson, Pipeline Business Development Representative 214.206.2597 (work), 469.346.9402 (work mobile), andrew.johnson@atmosenergy.com

Industrial Transportation and LDC Services

Contact our Industrial Transportation team for information regarding transportation for industrial customers and local distribution companies (LDC). 

Account Managers

Chad Howard, Sr. Industrial Account Manager

Mike Blackburn, Sr. Industrial Account Manager

Contract Administration

Contact our Contract Administration team for:

  • Contract inquiries
  • Imbalances
  • Pooling Agreements

Michael Howell,  Director, Pipeline and Industrial Contract Administration 214.206.2517 (work), 469.387.5058 (work mobile), michael.d.howell@atmosenergy.com

Scott Crichton, Manager Pipeline Contract Administration 214.549.7134 (work mobile), scott.crichton@atmosenergy.com

Wilma Easter, Senior Contract Administrator 214.206.2512 (work), 214.232.7466 (work mobile), wilma.easter@atmosenergy.com

Sharon Banks, Senior Contract Administrator 214.206.2897 (work), sharon.banks@atmosenergy.com

Angel De Lira, Contract Administrator 214.577.7880 (work mobile), angel.delira@atmosenergy.com

Darlene Rios, Contract Administrator, 945.328.0991 (work mobile), darlene.rios@atmosenergy.com 

Pipeline Marketing

Contact our Pipeline Marketing team for:

  • Pipeline to pipeline transportation 
  • Parking services
  • Lending services

Call 214.206.2600 during business hours to reach our pipeline marketing department.

Lisa Simmons, Daily Pipeline Marketing Manager 214.206.2519 (work), 214.284.5472 (work mobile), lisa.simmons@atmosenergy.com

Matt Williams, Daily Pipeline Marketing Manager 214.206.2514 (work), 469.289.8714 (work mobile), matthew.williams@atmosenergy.com

Gas Control

For after business hours or an emergency, contact gas control at 800.442.7259.

Matt Frihart, Vice President, Gas Control

Regan Hampton, Manager, Gas Control 214.206.2528 regan.hampton@atmosenergy.com


Nominations are only for pipeline companies and transportation customers. If you are a residential or business customer, call 888.286.6700 during business hours to discuss your account, set up service, or discontinue service.

For nominations after business hours, including weekends, call 214.206.2700.

Nominations Analysts:

Shawn Lee 214.206.2548 (work), 469.753.5366 (work mobile), shawn.lee@atmosenergy.com

Sandra McPike 214.206.2544 (work), 469.753.5495 (work mobile), sandra.mcpike@atmosenergy.com

Alfredo Perez 214.206.2549 (work), 214.236.0388 (work mobile), alfredo.perez@atmosenergy.com

Debbie Tarver 214.206.2542 (work), 469.753.5482 (work mobile), debbie.tarver@atmosenergy.com

Amanda Long 214.206.2539 (work), 469.753.5359 (work mobile),  amanda.long@atmosenergy.com

Roland Ramirez 469.753.5497 (work mobile),  roland.ramirez@atmosenergy.com

Edward Mims 972.855.3165 (work), 469.753.3581 (work mobile), edward.mims@atmosenergy.com

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