Zero Net Energy Home in Evans, CO

Fueling Our Energy Future

Natural gas plays a vital role in fueling our low carbon energy future. A balanced energy approach with natural gas achieves an affordable, reliable, and sustainable home that meets green building standards and certifications, including Zero Net Energy (ZNE).

Atmos Energy is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build natural gas ZNE homes that will have significant greenhouse gas emission reductions, provides for affordable energy bills, and partners with renewables for reliable energy that homeowners can count on.

What is a ZNE home?

A ZNE home is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes within a year, which results in net zero energy consumption. Our ZNE homes will include high efficiency natural gas heating, water heating, incorporating building envelope efficiency, and installing solar technology to make the home extremely efficient and environmentally responsible.

Why is Atmos Energy doing this?

These ZNE homes demonstrate that natural gas is a part of the solution to achieve our low carbon energy future. Consumers and builders can maintain their right to energy choice while having an energy efficient, affordable, and low carbon footprint home. Not only are ZNE homes beneficial to the environment, they also showcase Atmos Energy’s commitment to providing affordable energy to our communities.

Affordable energy is critical to affordable housing. We are committed to fueling safe and thriving communities where we serve. It’s important for the growth and economic development of communities to have access to affordable, reliable, and safe energy.

Colorado ZNE Home Dedication
Atmos Energy volunteers at Habitat for Humanity Zero Net Energy home build
MS ZNE Home Groundbreaking
Columbia, TN ZNE Home
KY ZNE Home Dedication
Dallas ZNE Home Raising Event
WTX ZNE Home Volunteer Day
Atmos Energy Hardhat Construction photo

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