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Natural Gas for Multi-family Homes

It's a smart business decision

Multi-family builders and developers can take advantage of valuable financial incentives from Atmos Energy when offering natural gas appliances and amenities in their projects. These incentives apply when providing tenants with natural gas water heating and cooking, along with other natural gas appliances and metering for each unit.

"The units with natural gas are far more coveted than the all-electric units. And I can get $50 more per month for the natural gas units."

- Rocco Termini, Signature Development

Including natural gas in your next project is a smart business decision for many reasons.

• Natural gas appliances in each unit help distinguish your property so it leases faster.
• You control your project schedule by working directly with one of Atmos Energy’s certified contractors.
• Atmos Energy directs the installation and maintains natural gas pipelines and meters.
• Individual metering removes the burden of the property owner acting as master meter operator and having to adhere to safety requirements and employee qualifications.
• Electrical installation costs are reduced because there’s no need for heavy-gauge wiring and breakers with natural gas furnaces, water heaters, cooking equipment and other appliances.
• Individual metering allows tenants to manage their energy use efficiently.
• Natural gas appliances require less maintenance and have a longer life, therefore reducing repair and replacement costs.
• We’ll help to promote your property with co-op advertising funds and marketing materials. Plus we’ll train your property management and sales staff on the benefits of natural gas.
• Atmos Energy will provide knowledgeable and timely assistance, from construction services to helping tenants set up their accounts.

Atmos Energy’s multi-family team will work with you for engineering and design options that meet your project needs. 

• Gas meter configurations can be designed for individual unit metering inside or outside buildings and grouped in a variety of ways.
• Custom venting solutions and modern natural gas appliances and equipment are available for multi-family projects.
• Automated metering devices can be installed on all meters, eliminating monthly on-site meter reader visits.

Natural gas is dependable energy. Plus, Atmos Energy continually invests in the safety of our system through pipeline upgrades, leak detection and ongoing system integrity practices.

• Atmos Energy is available 24/7 for natural gas emergencies.
• Natural gas is there when you need it, and outages are very rare.
• National fire statistics prove that natural gas fire incidents are far less than electric. The greatest cause of home fires is cooking equipment, with electric ranges having the highest risk.