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Colorado crew restores service, saves ducklings

July 26, 2017

Adam Strauch (left) and Tanner Stolz retrieve ducklings while repairing a cut line.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) was recently replacing a culvert in this community about 50 miles northeast of Denver. In the process, CDOT cut Atmos Energy’s 1¼-inch natural gas main with a backhoe.

“The line was the main feed for Prospect Valley,” said Town Operator Randy Clement. “The town border station east of town had to be shut down and 28 homes and businesses temporarily lost gas.”While Paul MacFarlane, Kurtis Paradisa, Adam Strauch and Tanner Stolz repaired the cut line, baby ducks were swimming in a nearby irrigation ditch. Some of the ducklings soon waddled into the construction hole. Strauch and Stolz returned the baby ducks to the irrigation ditch far away from the construction.

“The guys quickly grabbed the baby ducks and took them to safety,” said Operations Supervisor Bill McDowell. “They were pretty fast to be that small. The mother was not around, but we figured she flew off to get some food for her babies.”