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Atmos Energy in Kansas delivers natural gas to about 135,000 customers throughout the state. Our communities span from northeast Kansas, including Olathe and Kansas City, KS, to southwest Kansas, including Johnson City, Ulysses, and Syracuse. We also serve the southeast communities of Independence and Coffeyville. In the central part of Kansas, we provide service to the communities of Anthony and Caldwell, as well as Ness City, Herington, and many others.

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Kansas Projects

Just like other important parts of the infrastructure in our communities, such as highways and bridges, natural gas pipelines need to be replaced over time. This is one way that we invest in growing communities and provide you with safe and reliable natural gas service for generations to come.

Below is a sampling of current and recently completed projects throughout Kansas. Click on the icons for more information.

We are replacing service lines in many neighborhoods across Kansas. A service line is the pipe that runs from your street or alley to your natural gas meter.* 

In 2018, approximately 1,000 service lines have been upgraded in Kansas. 

*In Kansas, Atmos Energy maintains all buried piping that connects to the outside wall of a building.

Natural gas service is delivered to your home through a vast pipeline network that starts at a storage facility. After leaving a storage facility, natural gas is transported through transmission lines to the Atmos Energy City Gate and into our distribution main lines. These pipelines are crucial to providing a dependable supply of natural gas for growing communities. Atmos Energy's distribution main pipelines are upgraded with new materials as pipelines age, customer demand increases and safety standards change.

In 2018, approximately 18 miles of distribution main pipeline have been upgraded in Kansas.

graphic showing the gas distribution pipeline system

Why is Atmos Energy replacing the natural gas lines in my neighborhood?

We are focused on upgrading natural gas lines that are aging with newer pipe to increase the safety and reliability of our system. The newer gas lines in your neighborhood will require less maintenance, meet all current safety requirements and are more flexible beneath the surface. 

What does this mean for me?

You may notice Atmos Energy crews and contractors working in your neighborhood to install or replace pipelines. This process includes locating and marking various underground utilities such as water and cable, replacing main and service lines, relocating indoor meters to the outside of homes and restoring property to original or better condition. 

Will you need to dig up my yard, sidewalk or driveway— and if so, who’s going to fix it?

Before work begins, we will record the entire construction path to document the condition of sidewalks, driveways, curbs, etc. to ensure any needed repairs will be made accurately. Initial restoration, such as leveling of surfaces, will be completed as the project progresses. 

How can I get answers to my specific questions?

Please use our contact page to get in touch with someone in your area.