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Become a Supplier or Vendor

Working Together 

Suppliers contribute to Atmos Energy’s success by helping us keep costs reasonable and competitive in an ever-changing environment. To become an Atmos Energy supplier, be sure your business meets our minimum supplier requirements, then follow the supplier registration process below. If you have questions, email Atmos Energy at

All suppliers awarded business by Atmos Energy must do the following:

  • Provide Certificates of Insurance (general liability, auto and worker's comp as required per product or service sought).
  • Submit a W9 form with a Federal Taxpayer ID number.
  • Provide additional certifications as applicable.
  • Identify and provide a correct NAICS Code.
  • Provide a list of references upon request.
  • Secure formal certifications as evidence of the diversity status you wish to claim (from federal, state and municipal agencies as well as national business councils or regional affiliates).

Here are the steps to register as an Atmos Energy supplier.

1. Complete and submit the Supplier Profile Form to

2. Follow the instructions in the Supplier Registration Process Guide