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Steps to Safe Digging

Call 811 at least three business days before you want to dig. You’ll reach an 811 call center, which will coordinate with Atmos Energy, your electric company and other utilities to mark all the utility-owned underground pipes and cables.

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Take the Call 811 Pledge

Sign the Call 811 Pledge and commit to calling 811 before building a deck, planting a tree, installing a fence, or digging for any other project.

Click here to sign the pledge.

A call to 811 does not mark customer-owned lines or those inside buildings, except in Kansas. To identify those, contact a licensed plumber or qualified contractor.

Damaged Natural Gas Pipelines

The most common cause of outside natural gas leaks is digging or construction that disturbs natural gas pipelines. If you nick, scrape or dent a natural gas pipeline, call 911, then call Atmos Energy’s emergency number at 866.322.8667 so we can inspect the pipeline and make any needed repairs. Even minor damage can weaken a pipeline and lead to a future leak. Click here to learn what to do if you damage a pipeline or suspect a gas leak. 

For more information about safe digging practices, read our Damage Prevention Awareness / Descargue la guía del excavador para excavar con seguridad brochure.

Who should call 811?

  • Homeowners when installing a fence or a mailbox, or planting a tree.
  • Excavation companies and contractors when digging a foundation, changing a driveway’s route, or installing a pool.
  • Farmers, ranchers, and anyone else with a digging project.

Visit the Call 811 Website

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