Service Restoration Process | Atmos Energy

Service Restoration Process

If you are experiencing a loss of natural gas service:
Our technicians must go through several steps before service restoration can safely occur. Please be aware this process could take an extended amount of time. Our trained technicians will be on site to monitor the area while we work to restore service. 
  • Step 1: After repairs have been made to our pipeline, Atmos Energy crews will purge the distribution system to ensure that air is not in our pipelines.
  • Step 2: Once the line has been successfully purged, natural gas will be on the system. 
  • Step 3: When our crews have determined the system is ready, service restoration can begin at each home or business. 
When natural gas service is ready to be restored to your home, here’s what you can expect:

Please know we will need access to your natural gas meter throughout this process.

  •  A technician will perform the restoration services in compliance with CDC social distancing and other guidelines for the safety of our employees, customers, and communities.
  • A resident of the home or an authorized representative of the business who is 18 years of age or older must be present for the restoration services to be performed.
  • If you are not home or at your business, we will leave a door tag with instructions .For questions regarding your natural gas service, please call 888.286.6700.
Beware of Scams

All employees have an identification badge that displays that employee’s name, photograph, and the Atmos Energy logo. If you suspect an impostor posing as an Atmos Energy employee, please call our customer service number at 888.286.6700 to verify the employee's identity or contact local authorities.