Atmos Energy employee setting out safety cones in alley

Atmos Energy technicians must go through several steps before service restoration can safely occur. Please be aware this process could take an extended amount of time. Call us at 888.286.6700 to schedule an appointment to restore your natural gas service. Someone 18 years or older must be present to restore service.

What can cause a natural gas outage?

Loss of service may occur due to various factors, including:

  • Third-Party Damage — This is the most common type of gas outage and occurs when a gas line is cut or damaged by a third-party contractor doing work unrelated to Atmos Energy.
  • Mechanical Issues— Although rare, this can cause an unplanned interruption in service.  
  • System Upgrades and Routine Maintenance — It is sometimes necessary to interrupt service through a planned outage to modernize our system. Customers are notified in advance of this type of outage.  
  • Severe Weather — Severe weather may damage the natural gas system and extreme cold temperatures may lead to high demand that exceeds capacity and/or supply. 

What needs to happen before service can be restored?

Atmos Energy will need access to your gas meter and electricity must be working. Our trained technicians will be on site to monitor the area while we complete these steps to restore service.

  • Step 1: Atmos Energy crews turn off gas service at each meter affected by the outage.

  • Step 2: Atmos Energy then purges the distribution system to remove that air that may be in our pipelines.

  • Step 3: Atmos Energy crews will go door-to-door to safely restore gas service and relight appliances when the system is ready.


What should you expect for service restoration?

When natural gas service is ready to be restored to your home, here’s what you can expect:

  • A resident of the home or an authorized representative of the business who is 18 years of age or older must be present for the restoration services to be performed.
  • We will need access to your natural gas meter throughout this process.
  • You may choose to have an Atmos Energy technician enter your home or business to relight gas appliances that are accessible and in a safe working condition. However, this is not a substitute for routine or manufacturer-recommended safety inspections and maintenance of your appliances and gas piping.  Your gas piping and appliances are your responsibility and should be inspected periodically. 
  • If you are not home or at your business when our crews are restoring service, we will leave a door tag with instructions. For questions regarding your natural gas service, please call 888.286.6700.

What if I need to file a claim?

Atmos Energy is committed to protecting the well-being and property of our customers, employees, and the communities where we live and work. However, even with the utmost care and precautions, accidents, or damages sometimes occur.

Learn more about the claims process and instructions on how to file a claim for loss of property, business interruption, or personal injury here.


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