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Suppliers and Vendors

Dear Valued Contractor, Vendor, or Supplier:

We previously informed you that Atmos Energy is following the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 and requested that you also adhere to this guidance.  Please note the CDC Interim Guidance was updated on March 21, 2020.

The CDC’s Interim Guidance directs employers to inform employees of possible exposure to COVID-19 if an employee is confirmed to have a COVID-19 infection. While maintaining any required confidentiality and to ensure that we can notify our employees of any possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace, please contact your Atmos Energy Representative as soon as possible if any of your employees is confirmed to have a COVID-19 infection and has been to an Atmos Energy location, facility, or job site in the prior 14 days.  

In addition to the above possible exposure to COVID-19 notification requirements, effective immediately, we are asking all contractor, vendor, and supplier employees to monitor their temperatures in advance of going to any Atmos Energy location, facility, or job site.  If your employee discovers he or she has a fever, or believes he or she may have a fever, your employee should not report to an Atmos Energy job site, facility, or location. 

Also, if one of your employees develops a fever or cough or experiences shortness of breath while working onsite at any Atmos Energy job site, facility, or location, as an added precaution, please ask him or her to isolate him or herself and immediately inform both his or her appropriate supervisor and an Atmos Energy Representative.  For your reference, a guidance document can be found here:

If you are not following these guidelines, please advise and respond in writing:

Atmos Energy Corporation
5430 LBJ Freeway, Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75240
ATTN:  Director of Supply Chain

We appreciate your continued partnership in helping to keep our communities safe.

April 3, 2020.


"Atmos Energy procures goods and services from suppliers and contractors consistent with our best-in-value philosophy and with the principles and values which shape our Company’s culture."

- Kevin Akers, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Sourcing Strategy

Atmos Energy's supply chain strategy is based on continuous improvement and best-value solutions. We focus on suppliers that share our values and provide high caliber service, quality, e-business solutions and value-added services.

We are committed to enterprise decision-making and a proactive approach in identifying opportunities through our suppliers, employees, and customers. We encourage our suppliers to build relationships with Atmos Energy employees, as the better you understand our needs, the better product support you can provide.  We also support local hiring initiatives, like the Mississippi Public Service Commission's Hire Mississippi program to ensure local suppliers and contractors have the opportunity to work with us.

All suppliers must accept these Terms and Conditions

We Care About Supplier Diversity

Atmos Energy values diversity within our workforce, contractors, and material suppliers. We continually strive to ensure that small and diverse businesses are given fair opportunities.

We offer two programs where our suppliers can share best practices and build beneficial partnerships. For more information email

  1. The Atmos Energy Direct Program is an interactive day of presentations and networking focusing on best business practices for being successful with Atmos Energy.
  2. The Atmos Energy Bridge Program establishes formal partnerships between “large” or long-time suppliers and “small" or new businesses seeking to expand their relationship with Atmos Energy.

Organizations That Award Diversity Certifications or Support