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Colorado SmartChoice Energy Efficiency Rebates

Stay Comfortable for Less 

The Atmos Energy SmartChoice program provides rebates for natural gas equipment and weatherization upgrades to residential and commercial customers that will save you money and keep you comfortable all year long. 

Eligible Equipment / Service

Rebate Amount

Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment$150

High-Efficiency Gas Furnace or Boiler

95% AFUE or greater

$300 w/o Audit

$400 w/ Audit*

Programmable Thermostat


Smart (Wifi enabled) Thermostat


Air Sealing

30% of total cost

Up to $300 w/o Audit

Up to $400 w/ Audit*

Insulation - Crawlspace, Basement Perimeter, Floor or Wall (each measure)

Assume starting level of no insulation

30% of total cost

Up to $300 w/o Audit

Up to $400 w/ Audit*

Duct Insulation and Maintenance

Assume starting level of R4 or less


Attic Insulation

Requires R11 insulation base

30% of total cost

Up to $300 w/o Audit

Up to $400 w/ Audit*

*When also participating in the comprehensive energy assessment, including a furnace upgrade or installation of recommended insulation and air sealing measures. 


Apply for a Rebate

To apply for your rebate or for additional information, call 866-357-7443. Or submit your residential rebate application or business rebate application online. 

Please follow these guidelines to receive your rebate, as failure to follow them could delay or disqualify your application.   

  • Atmos Energy residential and small business customers are eligible.
  • Rebates and energy audits are available January 1 – December 31, 2019, or until funding is fully allocated.
  • Applications must be submitted within 60 days of installation.
  • Only one rebate per qualifying appliance and per address.
  • Customer must provide equipment information and a dated receipt.
  • Any and all equipment associated with this rebate must be installed in compliance with required local, state and federal codes. Any tests or inspections that may be required for the verification of such are the responsibility of the customer or installing contractor.

Custom Energy-Efficiency Program

This custom program offers incentives for energy-efficient upgrades for qualified Atmos Energy customers in Colorado, including multifamily, large commercial and industrial, single-family homes larger than 6,000 square feet, and customers with unique equipment needs or applications. Existing building retrofits and new construction are eligible. Transportation and irrigation gas customers are NOT eligible. 

To begin, read the Instructions and GuidelinesBelow are the forms for Colorado's 2019 Custom Energy-Efficiency Program.

This program is available January 1 - December 31, 2019, or until funding is fully allocated. 

For questions, contact Atmos Energy's Program Administrator at 


This energy assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your home's energy use. For only $150 you will receive the following:

A complete assessment performed by a certified energy analyst including:

  • On-the-spot conservation measures, which could include programmable thermostats, pipe wrap, water heater blankets, sink faucet aerators and more.
  • Health and safety testing for carbon monoxide.
  • A blower door test with infrared imaging to measure the leakiness of your home.
  • A detailed report of your energy use, with suggestions for improvements, and rebate eligibility
To schedule your energy audit, visit EnergySmart Colorado or call 833-372-4372.